Grant Program


The Illinois Valley Network Users Association is proud to sponsor an educational grant program. The purpose of our grants is to assist local primary schools, secondary schools and libraries with their computer education efforts. Over the past several years, IVNUA has funded numerous programs designed to enhance the computer education of area students and residents.

IVNUA’s goal with this grant program is to increase student and patron exposure to computer technology, their awareness of computer technology and their involvement with computer technology.

2014-2015 EducaTIonal Grants

The board of directors of the Illinois Valley Network Users Association has approved the 2014-2015 Educational Grant Program. This year, IVNUA will be awarding local schools and/or libraries with grants of up to $1,500.00 each.  The grant may be in the form of one grantee or numerous grantees. The maximum that any one grantee may receive in any one grant cycle is $1,500.00.

Since inception, IVNUA has awarded over $104,829 in educational grants! In addition, IVNUA has awarded $12,000 in Illinois Valley Community College scholarships.


Grant nominations

Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2014-2015 educational grant programs. Nominations are due by March 20, 2015.


Submit a Grant Nomination


      Eligibility Requirements

Any primary school (grades K - 8), secondary school (grades 9 - 12) or unit school district (K - 12).
Any public library or library system.

The grant application must be sponsored by an IVNUA member in good standing who has been a member for at least 6 months. Educational members can nominate themselves and their schools.

The application must involve at least one school teacher or librarian and have the school's principal/superintendent's or library's administrator's approval.

1. The sponsor must live in the school or library district being sponsored.
2. The school or library must be located within 30 miles of La Salle, IL.

As a condition of awarding the grant, the winners will assist IVNUA in publicizing the awarding of the grant(s).

      Awarding the Grant

All grant applications will be reviewed by the IVNUA Grant Committee to be sure they meet the above items and the following specifications:

A. Description of Project
Detail what item(s) will be purchased and how these item(s) will enhance the School or Library's current computer education efforts.

B. Specific expenses

Applications must include a specific cost estimate, including documentation supporting the expenditures and details of the program or seminar, including times, dates, topics, etc. (brochure would be one way to include this information). If the project costs exceeds the grant amount, how will the balance be paid. Where possible, purchases should be from local businesses.

C. Allowed Items
The committee may deny the application for failure to include one or more of the following allowed items:

1. Computer Hardware
2. Computer Software
3. Teacher / Librarian Training Materials (Computer Education Related)
4. Teacher / Librarian Training Fees (Computer Education Related)
5. Network Cabling & Connecters
6. Travel & Lodging Expenses for Teacher / Librarian Training (Computer Education Related)
7. Video Projection Equipment (Computer Education Related)

This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but to be used as a guideline. If the item or items you are requesting the grant for are not on the list, please provide additional descriptions as to how the items will help the computer education efforts of the school/library.

IVNUA will include a a detailed evaluation rubric with the grant application to help you further understand the factors influencing the grant committee's recommendations.

D. Selection
The Grant Committee will select the application(s) and make it's recommendations to the IVNUA Board of directors for approval. The decision of the IVNUA Board of Directors is final and binding on all parties.

E. Notification
All grant applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection process by mail.

     2013-2014 Winners

The 2013-2014 IVNUA Educational Grants Have Been Awarded

Thank you to all of the area schools and libraries who applied for the grants. IVNUA is proud to award $8,119.00 in educational grants this year.

The Winners Are:

Dimmick Consolidated Community School District
Purpose: Robotics Module for S.T.E.M. Lab


L-P Christian School
Purpose: 4 Desktop Computers


McKinley Elementary School
Purpose:4 iPad Minis with Accessories


Peru Catholic School
Purpose:Scanner and Document Camera


Peru Public Library
Purpose: Mac Mini, Trackpad, Keyboard, Monitor, iPad and iPad Case


St. Bede Academy
Purpose: 3 Desktop Computers